We are moving!

So, we are moving! Very excited, mostly because I have a vision for this new-to-us home. I hope to document the house and the changes we make as we go. But, for now, we are living in a hotel for a month. Happy start of summer!

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A wonderful Christmas!

Christmas was met by lots of different things this year! It was really nice! I was on rest for all of it, however, with a foot that had just been operated on and then clots in my leg and lung. But, we still had a great time with friends and family! I am more into pictures than words… so here you go!

Christmas Collage 1 Christmas Collage 2 Christmas Collage 3 Christmas Collage 4 Christmas Collage 5 Christmas Collage 6Christmas Collage 7

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your family and the New Year! -patti